FIVE things you didn’t know about ‘Botox’

Posted on 30th April 2020

‘Botox’ is widely used around the world for both medical and cosmetic procedures but is often negatively portrayed in the media. There are many myths surrounding ‘Botox’ and anti-wrinkle injections and so hopefully in this blog I will address these:

MYTH 1: Botox ‘freezes’ your face

Remember not to judge the results against the media ‘celebrities’ who look frozen and can’t show normal emotions. There will always be that certain patient that takes facial aesthetics ‘too far’. This is not the reality for the majority of patients who want to retain normal facial expressions and movement, but reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles.

By administering ‘Botox’ in the correct dose in the correct sites with a properly qualified and experienced Practitioner, the effect can be completely natural and you will still be able to move your face and express emotion.

MYTH 2: Botox is painful

I am aware the majority of people understandably associate needles and injections with pain. Therefore, I always enjoy hearing patients responding with ‘Oh, is that it?’ because most patients report that the procedure is almost pain free. The injection is with a very tiny needle, of the same type used by diabetic patients for their daily injections. The procedure will only normally take a few minutes.

MYTH 3: Botox lasts for between 6 months and a year

‘Botox’ lasts within your muscles for around 3 -4 months, although many people maintain they can still feel the effects long after that time. This isn’t because the Botox is still present and active – it’s usually because your muscles have retrained themselves after having limited movement for 3 months.

MYTH 4: Botox is a poison and not safe

The medical name for ‘Botox’ is botulinum toxin type A, which is a naturally occurring toxin produced by bacteria. The doses that we administer for medical and cosmetic purposes are tiny. The have been used safely for many years, with no serious illness and not one single death has been reported from the use of cosmetic ‘Botox’ alone. The toxin is injected in to localised areas of the muscle and so it doesn’t reach the circulation in significant amounts. Of course there is a tiny risk of an allergic reaction, which is the same as some people can react to wasp stings or peanuts.

If you are healthy adult and you use a trusted brand administered by a fully qualified professional, you can rest assured that your treatment is safe.

MYTH 5: Botox can get rid of all my lines and wrinkles

‘Botox’ works brilliantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles that develop due to movement. The anti-wrinkle injection acts to reduce the movement of certain muscles in the face, which therefore relaxes the associated lines and wrinkles.

There are of course other causes of wrinkles. For example, wrinkles that occur because of aging, sun damage or gravity will be need to be treated with an alternative procedure, such as a dermal filler.

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Thank you for reading,

Dr Hannah Wilson BDS PgCertDipConSed MJDF RCS (Eng) 

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