Botox and Ethics – the moral principles of Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Posted on 6th November 2017

Facial aesthetics, including Botox and Fillers, are elective treatments. Therefore, we are always looking at ‘Needs versus Wants’. When dealing with cosmetic treatments, it isn’t the case that the patient will ‘need’ the treatment, it is very much however based on the effect that the improved result will have on the patient’s life.

Facial Rejuvenation

As we are dealing with treatment that patient’s want, it is amazing to see how great affect these changes have on peoples life. It can make you look younger, improve self-confidence, feel happier about your appearance and rejuvenate your look. Facial aesthetics treatments are a safe way of treating concerns patients may have had about their appearance for many years, not knowing anything could be done.

Evidenced Based Practice

Having discussed the positive effects facial aesthetics can have on patient’s lives, I also realised the importance of basing my treatment and recommendations on evidence based, long term clinical research. This includes a full analysis of whether you feel the treatment will address the patient’s specific concerns to improve their current situation.

Ethical Solutions:

Put the Patient First

Always act in the best interest of the patient. I have to ensure that I feel the treatment I propose to carry out is correct for this patient and will help achieve their desired results.

Best Products – there is more than one type of Botox

I only use products I am confident achieve the best results. As with any procedures, there are many variants of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler, some a lot cheaper (and a lot less clinically tested!) than others. However, I only use well tested products and the right product for each clinical situation.

Natural Results

To achieve natural results, it is important that the right amount of the right product is injected into the right place on the patient’s face! Great care must be taken to ensure this is the case, or it can lead to unnatural results. This also stresses the importance of choosing a practitioner that has an expert knowledge of facial anatomy.

There are great rewards with seeing patients delighted with the results from their facial aesthetics treatments. However, it is always vital this has been discussed fully in a consultation to ensure the correct treatment is chosen for you.

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Dr Hannah Wilson

Dr Hannah Wilson BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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