Do you know the difference between Botox and Filler?

Posted on 28th June 2016

Do you know the difference between Botox and Filler?

Many patients come for a consultation knowing they want to reduce their lines and wrinkles, but they are unsure if they need botox or filler!

Both of these treatments rejuvenate your appearance, but work in very different ways…

botox crows feet


Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection which works to temporarily relax them, softening the facial expressions and helping to reverse the signs of aging. You will still have the ability to move your muscles and create your usual facial expressions, but the hyperactivity is reduced to prevent the creation of wrinkles.

It is very effective when used in the upper face, including forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. In addition to this is can be used for a ‘Botox Brow Lift’ or smoker’s lines.

Botox takes around 48-72 hours to start having an effect, and results last around 4-6 months.


Dermal filler is a sterile gel consisting of stabilised hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body providing volume and fullness to the skin. By injecting dermal fillers into the skin, it is possible to restore lost volume or create definition around the naturally more hollow areas of the face, such as nose to mouth lines or marionette lines.

As opposed to Botox which is used in the upper face, fillers are usually used in the lower face to restore the lost volume. Treatments also include lip fillers, tear troughs reduction (dark circles), cheek and chin augmentation and non-surgical nose job.  

You will notice the results immediately, and results last between 6-12 months depending on the area treated.
Dr Hannah Wilson will be able to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan on how to achieve your desired results. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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