Why a Dentist is perfect for your facial aesthetics treatment

Posted on 4th February 2017

Traditionally, facial aesthetics may not have been associated with your regular trips to the Dentist. However, due to the reasons below, it is fast becoming the most common, and safest, place to get your cosmetic treatments.

Why a Dentist?

As a Dentist, I already inject facial muscles on a daily basis, and so have to be an expert with the anatomy of the muscles of facial expression, including the lips and surrounding areas.

Proper training is essential. Unfortunately, there are a lot of practitioners who claim to be experts after only attending a 1 day training course!

When trusting someone with something as important as cosmetic treatment of your face, you must be sure of their qualifications and knowledge. You need to be sure the treating practitioner not only knows how to carry out the procedure, but also has an understanding of the materials, indications and risks of treatments and most importantly, how to manage any complications. As healthcare professionals, this is something we have extensive training in.

Integration with Smile Design

Dentists are unique in that we can integrate the facial aesthetic treatments with cosmetic dental principles and challenges, such as a high lip line. It may be that combined treatments are required to achieve a patient’s desired look, eg: lip filler and tooth whitening. All of wish can be fully assessed for suitability and safety during a comprehensive assessment with myself.

lip fillers

Dental anaesthesia

A big advantage I have as a Dentist is that I can eliminate any discomfort using dental anaesthesia if the patient requests this. Most other health professionals have either no, or little, education providing dental anaesthesia techniques.

Complimentary treatments

Both facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry are more popular than ever. Why not have the same healthcare professional plan the treatment as a whole? You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved. Having your treatment at our Dental Practice means you can not only feel confident in the level of skill and training, but also the safety, hygiene and postoperative care in place.

With such a thorough understanding of aesthetics and anatomy, all of this makes the Dentist the healthcare professional of choice to deliver these procedures. Facial aesthetics treatments are the perfect complement for aesthetic dentistry.

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  • Dr Hannah Wilson

Dr Hannah Wilson BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)



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