Is Botox for me?

Posted on 2nd January 2017

Ready for a new year, new you? A common question among patients new to facial aesthetic treatments – Is Botox for me?

I have written a blog to guide you to the correct treatment for you and help you understand more about anti-wrinkle injections.

What is Botox?

Botulinum Toxin (Azzalure) is a purified protein extracted from bacterium which is injected in to specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them, softening the facial expressions and helping to reverse the signs of aging. It has been used safely for over 25 years in a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. It is very safe and is injected directly in to facial muscles in tiny amounts.

How does Botulinum Toxin work?

Hyperactivity of the muscles of facial expression often results in the development of deep frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. Injecting Botulinum Toxin in to the affected area temporarily blocks the transmission of nerve impulses into the facial muscles, making the muscles less active softening the appearance of persistent lines and wrinkles. The wrinkles become smoother or disappear altogether.

When and how long does it work for?

The initial effects of treatment become visible within 48-72 hours, with the maximum effect reached in about 2-3 weeks. The effects last around 4-6 months, if you decide to stop treatment the lines and wrinkles will gradually return.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Botox is extremely effective if you wish to reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth.
  • It can also be used for a non-surgical brow lift
  • It eliminates embarrassing problems with excess sweating if injected in the armpit region.

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Am I able to have Botox Injections?

  • You must be in good health to undergo Botox injections. Therefore, I always take a full medical history prior to treatment to assess a patient’s suitability.
  • You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must not have any known allergies to Botox
  • You must not have any known history of neuromuscular disease (eg: multiple sclerosis/ myasthenia gravis)
  • Make sure you discuss any skin conditions/ disorders with me during the consultation process


Every patient is different, and this is all taken in to account when planning your treatment. Some people respond more significantly than others, and treatment plans can be adjusted from patient to patient.

If you feel Botox may be for you, or would like to discuss all your options. Please message info@infinityskinclinic for more information, or fill the form out below:

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Dr Hannah Wilson


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