Botox isn’t just for women…Botox treatment for men

Posted on 13th September 2016


It is becoming increasingly popular for men to want cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate their appearance. Not everyone wants to end up looking like Gordon Ramsay!

More and more men are having anti-wrinkle treatment, they may just not speak about it as much. Both men and women are moving away from cosmetic surgery and moving towards non-surgical procedures such as Botox and Dermal Filler treatment.

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Which men are getting Botox?

Cosmetic treatment for men has increased significantly over the years with men spending more time and money than ever looking groomed and fresh. Many more people are finding it important to look youthful and fresh to stay ahead in their career including salesmen and managers in high-powered competitive jobs. First impressions are vital.

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What’s the difference with Botox for men?

The same Botox (Azzalure) is used for men and women. However, men and women have very different bone structures and treatment goals; therefore, the way they are injected varies. For example, women often desire a high arched brow, whereas with men a more masculine look requires flatter, less raised eyebrows.

Botox treatment for men…

The number of men receiving Botox is increasing; however, men still are less likely to discuss their treatment. There is still the pressure on men to look good as they age, though it is not yet deemed fully acceptable to discuss having cosmetic treatments to assist in this. Hopefully as more men and women are made aware of the amazing results achieved, the stigma will be lifted!

Remember, the results achieved are subtle and natural, the only thing people will notice is that you look like ‘you on a good day’, every day.


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